Outreach & Workshops...

You Should See the Other Guy are committed to creating a sustainable model of activist theatre, whilst contributing to the housing movement in and effective and personally transformative way. We are activists working in housing campaigns such Radical Housing Network and Focus E15 who support estates resisting demolition such as Carpenters Estate and Silchester Estate. We know there is a demand for artistic opportunities in these communities. The work we made engages people at the centre of the housing struggle through opportunities to write, perform and devise theatre – as well as participate in our programme of workshops which explore both the social themes and artistic processes we engage with. We are also activists in other fields and are currently training in Applied Theatre and Human Rights Law.

Core Aims...

Having fun!

Definitely our priority 

Marginalised Voices to the Forefront

Providing a platform for marginalised voices and a means for creative expression


Trying to create lasting impact on participants and audiences


Providing meaningful employment in the arts to those with fewer opportunities 

Skill Sharing

Swapping creative tools to make theatre and practical tools for housing resistance


Creating wider networks and communities for everyone

Upcoming Workshops...


In this workshop, which can last between 1.5 and 4 hours depending on your timescale, we share the music making tools we used to make the Land of the Three Towers series to create collaborative political songs using real words from the group. The end result is a communal political song that everyone feels ownership over. At the end of the session we perform it as a choir. 

Recent workshops delivered: Theatre and Feminism students at Roehampton University (Nov, 2018), Urban Intervention Students at University of East London (Feb, 2019), Theatrical Intervention Students at Queen Mary University (Feb, 2019).


Introduction to Theatre of the Oppressed techniques and exercises. We
will play and collaborate, using theatre games, image theatre and forum
theatre to generate discussions and create communal reflection around different forms of oppression. This is an introductory workshop suitable for beginners and will be an opportunity for us to start contemplating the use of Theatre of the Oppressed techniques as a tool for social and personal transformation.

Recent Workshops Delivered: TO for Housing Justice in association with Concrete Action aimed at architects and housing activists (March 2019). Amra Obdhuth Queer Cafe, Calcutta with members of the Trans Sex Workers Union (Dec 2018), Silchester Estate and Cressingham Gardens Estate with residents from these estates (May 2018).


Email us on to let us know your needs and we’d be happy to create a workshop for you using our tools and experiences. We specialise in exploring political issues (for example: Human Rights, The Hostile Environment, Housing Injustice) through artistic methods including: Song Making, Puppetry, Storytelling, Games, Theatre of the Oppressed and Theatre Devising. 

We love the challenge of applying the appropriate creative methods to the needs of that group and particular issue.