Outreach & Workshops...

You Should See the Other Guy are committed to creating a sustainable model of activist theatre, whilst contributing to the housing movement in and effective and personally transformative way. We are activists working in housing campaigns such Radical Housing Network and Focus E15 who support estates resisting demolition such as Carpenters Estate and Silchester Estate. We know there is a demand for artistic opportunities in these communities. The work we made engages people at the centre of the housing struggle through opportunities to write, perform and devise theatre – as well as participate in our programme of workshops which explore both the social themes and artistic processes we engage with.

Core Aims...

Having fun!

Definitely our priority 

Providing A Platform

Providing a platform for marginalised voices and a means for creative expression


Trying to create lasting impact on participants and audiences


Providing meaningful employment in the arts to those with fewer opportunities 

Skill Sharing

Swapping creative tools to make theatre and practical tools for housing resistance


Creating wider networks and communities for everyone


Art Of Resistance!

An exploration of Theatre of the Oppressed devising techniques, engaging participants in theatre for change.

Campaign Toolkit

A safe space to share experiences and receive practical tools/advice on housing with support from trained experts.

A Protest Song

Everyone has a story to tell! In this workshop we invite you to use your story to collectively create song, as seen in Land of the Three Towers.

Previous Workshops

Previous workshops have included; Banner Making, Make Your Own Protest Song and Theatre of the Oppressed. They have been held in theatres as well as spaces for resistance such as – Carpenters Estate, Stratford, Cressingham Gardens, Brixton, Queens Road, Peckham (Sisters Uncut), Silchester Estate, Latimer Road.

Future Workshops

We’ll be devising more great workshops in the future

Upcoming Workshops...


Exeter Street Hall: 16-17 Exeter St, Brighton BN1 5PG

10th May 1-3pm:
Art of Resistance

11th May 12:30-2:30pm:
Campaign Toolkit

12th May 12-1pm:
Make a Protest Song


Carpenters & Docklands Centre: Stratford Centre, 98 Gibbins Rd, London E15 2HU

17th May 2-4pm:
Art of Resistance

18th May 2-4 pm:
Campaign Toolkit

19th May 11-1pm:
Make a Protest Song


Venue TBC

17th May 2-4pm:
Art of Resistance

25th May 2-4 pm:
Campaign Toolkit

26th May 11-1pm:
Make a Protest Song