Land Of The Three Towers: Vol.II

How can we resist social cleansing?

Following on from the first incarnation of Land of the Three Towers in May 2018 we collaborated with a group of six women who have personal experience of the social housing system and homelessness. Together we created a free celebratory full length play dismantling the causes and effects of social cleansing in London and went on tour to estates resisting demolition.

Land of the Three Towers: Vol II wove together these six stories using verbatim, puppetry, dance and song. Creatively and politically, we are interested in theatrical methods to share tools for resistance between estates and campaigns. The show was punctuated by a step-by-step Toolkit for Resistance in which we dramatised the Radical Housing Network Handbook: ‘The Peoples Plan’ from Cressingham Gardens Estate (Brixton), ‘How to talk to the Council’ from West Hendon Estate, ‘How to Occupy’ by Focus E15 Campaign and ‘How to Resist an Eviction’ from Eviction Resistance Network. 

We were honored to be invited to perform in Silchester Estate (West London), Cressingham Gardens, Brighton Fringe and The Village, a thriving occupied community centre taken on the night of the Grenfell fire. Our free workshops in each venue included: Verbatim Songwriting, Theatre of the Oppressed and Campaign Toolkit.

Thank you to all the residents that welcomed us and everyone that came to see the show and attend the workshops!

”These women are talented: the music, songs, poetry and puppet (sock, yes, sock) performances are high quality, excellently performed. There are powerful and poignant messages, yes. But it’s also fun – so much fun.” **** Broadway Baby 

”Inclusive, rousing, practical […] ambitious, loving and timely. This will go long way to maintaining vital conversations about London’s housing crisis.” The Reviews Hub

”The audience reflects the age and ethnic diversity of the area, and that suits the performers who are travelling with stories of how other housing estates have battled the so-called regeneration that threatens to purge London of the poor. The show is a fast-paced mix of verbatim interview material, poetry, songs, dance and a good deal of upbeat humour.” British Theatre Guide

The Team

Directors and Writers: Nina Scott and Emer Mary Morris

Devised and Performed by: Jennifer Joseph, Johanna Allitt, Chisara Agor, Ifrah Ismail, Redd Roche, Clare Joseph

Musical Direction: Nina Scott and Ben Osborn

Producer: Ailbhe Treacy

Company Manager: Kiri Grant

Dramaturg and all-rounder: Carley-Jayne Hutchinson

Puppeteer: Ajjaz Awad-Ibrahim 

Poster/ Flyer Layout: Greg Hartley 

Poster/ Flyer Artwork: Nina Scott

Website Design: Greg Hartley

Workshop Facilitators: Andy Plant and Emer Mary Morris (Campaign Toolkit), Kiri Grant and Emer Mary Morris (Art as Resistance) and Nina Scott (Political Songwriting).

With special thanks to: Arts Council England, Network for Social Change, The Edge Fund, Camden Peoples Theatre, Silchester Estate, The Village, Cressingham Gardens and Exeter Street Hall.